I don't think that there are many things more beautiful than a birch tree.

Adam's off shooting a wedding in Saint John, so I've been having a busy, fun time with the boys to myself this weekend. Just popping in to share a few things that I've come across lately.

The Redwood Cup has been happening in my wonderful hometown this week, and it's been so much fun. People are excited - I love the sense of excitement around town, the new faces, and the hometown pride that hosting the event fosters. (I don't know why the men's prize is $40 000 and the women's $10 000, though. I'm hoping there's a good reason.)

When the mundane isn't status-worthy. I think you'll appreciate this one.

Bees and other pollinators are it. Without them, we'd be toast. These amazing images totally do them justice. (Thanks for the link, Teresa!) Speaking of which, Adam and some other bee lovers spoke at a town Planning Advisory Committee meeting this week supporting allowing hives within town limits, and it's going forward to council with the PAC's recommendation. Fingers crossed!

I was catching up on some podcasts and listened to episode 221 of Spark from CBC. Ben Falk of Whole Systems Design was one of the guests, and he totally captivated me! I'm now eagerly awaiting his book from the library. The full length interview is here, and it's worth a listen - anyone who uses the word 'folks' in that lovely, gentle way gets a thumbs up from me. The idea of enlivening the land is exactly how I've pictured our new property changing over time, I just hadn't the precise words for it.

With a sunny, warm, summer-like day forecast for tomorrow, I'm heading to sleep early. I can be confident that a sweet, cuddly little boy will climb into bed and snuggle up with me earlier than I would naturally wake up. Happy weekend!